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Do you have something to say but sometimes struggle to express yourself in writing? Do you have something to write but are unsure how best to approach it? Do you sometimes wonder how to communicate clearly and effectively in writing? Would you welcome some help in writing that urgent piece? After all, you only have one pair of hands and perhaps spelling and grammar are not your strongest points.


ould you use the services of a writer who knows how to bring clarity to what you write? Polish it and make it sparkle? Writing is my trade and, in all modesty, I am an expert at what I do. Take advantage of my extensive professional writing experience.

I’ll help you deal with writer’s block and be your partner for academic writing in English. With my professional partners who are English

native speakers, we proofread, edit and even write copy in English should you need it – professionally, reliably and discreetly. If you plan to make your academic or promotional text fit for going international, then textsandtranslations is just the right service provider for you.

To bring clarity to your writing, contact me for a no-obligation quotation.


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  • Publications 2012


    • Bayer-Hohenwarter, Gerrit (2012): Translatorische Kreativität. Definition – Messung – Entwicklung. (Translationswissenschaft 8). Tübingen: Narr.

    Gerrit Bayer-Hohenwarter Translatorische Kreativität Definition · Messung · Entwicklung
    Translationswissenschaft, Band 8 2012, XVIII, 362 Seiten, €[D] 68,00/SFr 91,00 ISBN 978-3-8233-6709-3
    What is translational creativity? How can we measure it? Do translators translate more creatively as their translation competence increases? These are the central issues addressed by this empirical study using psycholinguistic methods. The data at the base of the study are the target texts and translation processes of twelve students who took part in translation experiments each semester during their bachelor programme. These data were compared with those of ten professional translators who were given the same translation assignments as the student translators.

  • Publications 2011

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  • Publications 2010

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