Since completing my training as translator and interpreter I have gained valuable experience in a broad range of linguistic fields – from translating, interpreting and text production to the management of language projects.


Behind the Scenes

  • Educational Background and Training

    • Doctoral program in humanities at the University of Graz

      Dissertation title: “Die Entwicklung translatorischer Kreativität [The development of translational creativity]”, Supervisor: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Susanne Göpferich

      doctoral viva completed with highest honors

    • Diploma program in English/French translation (A-language German) at the University of Graz

      Diploma exams in interpreting English/French (A-language German)

      Completion of the first phase of diploma studies in Italian translation (as third foreign language)

    • Student exchange program at the University of Geneva, Switzerland

  • Professional Activities

    • Since June 2013

      Freelance language service provider

    • Axtesys (4 years):

      Online marketing, copywriting, software testing, software documentation

    • Author, voluntary translation work
    • Unycom GmbH, Graz (1 year):

      Translator and technical writer (English, French, German)

    • University of Graz (4 years):

      Research assistant in the TransComp research project

    • University of Graz (6 years):

      Lecturer in English at the Department of Translation Studies

    • Knapp Logistik GmbH, Graz (6 years):

      Translator and interpreter (German, English, French, Italian) and head of the translation department as of 01/2001

    • Freelance interpreter for German/English (consecutive and simultaneous), translation service provider in the field of energy management German/English
    • Various internships as office assistant,  journalist and translator in Klagenfurt and Graz

  • Teaching Assignments

    • Fall semester 2010/2011 English: Eng-Ger translations, advanced level
    • Fall semester 2008/2009 English: Eng-Ger translations Ib, basic level; information management (working with CAT tools)
    • Spring semester 2008 English: technical translation/engineering, information management (working with CAT tools); English: Eng-Ger translations IIa, basic level
    • Fall semester 2007/2008 English: technical translation/engineering, information management (working with CAT-tools); English: Eng-Ger translations Ia, basic level
    • Spring semester 2007 English: Legal translation
    • Fall semester 2006/2007 English: technical translation/business
    • Spring semester 2005 English: technical translation/engineering

  • Further Skills and Training

    • IT MS Office, SDL Trados Studio 2017, Help&Manual , XML, MS Access, GAMS/Cirilio Content Management System, WebCT
    • 2018 Social media and web marketing management (208 hours’ diploma course, WIFI)
    • 2017 Effective communication (WIFI), non-violent communication/claim management (M. Titak)
    • 2016 Several workshops and MOOC: storytelling (W. Schandor), Requirements Engineering (ITCS), Industry 4.0 and digitalisation (MOOC), dealing with complaings (D. Lind), blogging (P. Webhofer), non-violent communication (T. Peters)
    • 2015 Several workshops organised by the writing centre of the University of Graz, participant of a project fostering the cooperation of creative minds (Creative Industries Styria, Graz)
    • 2014 SDL Trados Studio 2014 and SDL Trados Multiterm 2014, Advanced Level; Misused Words in English EU Documents, Academic Writing for English, English Law Seminar
    • 2013 – 2014 Workshops related to business management (Economic Chamber of Styria, Graz)
    • 2006 – 2010 Workshops related to translation teaching and university didactics (University of Graz, UniforLife, Graz)
    • 2008 – 2011 Participation in professional conferences in Austria, Germany, Greece, Belgium and China, including presentation of papers
    • 1997, 2001 to 2004 Workshops related to leadership and motivation, project management, self-management and time management
    • 2001 – 2002 Entrepreneurship training and certification with excellent success (WIFI/Institute for Professional Advancement, Graz)
    • 2000 – 2001 Workshops related to specialised translations in the fields of engineering and law
    • 1994 – 1995 Combined studies program “Europe – languages, business and law” (University of Graz)


Translating and Interpreting

y first experience in the area of translating and interpreting dates back to my time as a student at the University of Graz when I used to spend my summer holiday working as an intern. After graduating, I started my professional career as a translator and interpreter with an international company in the field of logistics and automation, and later became department head of the in-house language services team. Since that time, the focus of my activities is on technical translations including engineering (mechanical engineering, automation and conveyor technology, IT, energy management), as well as business and law, and mainly involving German, English and French. In the following six years, I enjoyed sharing with a large number of students the intensive experience I had gained during those years as an in-house translator and through parallel freelance activities. As a lecturer at the

University of Graz, I was in charge of several courses in translation (English/German) and information management (use of computer-assisted translation tools). At the same time, my application-oriented doctoral studies helped me to further deepen my knowledge and skills: The assessment of translation quality, reflection about work processes and dealing with modern research methods provided me with opportunities not only to gain academic insights but also for professional advancement. After completing my doctoral studies, I returned to private industry and worked as a technical writer in the area of Intellectual Property Management, as well as once again as a translator.
After the birth of my second son, I started up my own business and now I am looking forward to supporting you with my extensive experience – towards the success of your business.

Text Production

y initial experience in the area of text production dates back to my first two years as a student at the University of Graz, when I worked for a local newspaper in the town of Klagenfurt. Since that time my passion for writing in German, my mother tongue, and in foreign languages has not faded. During my doctoral studies, my ability to present knowledge content in a comprehensible and concise manner paved the way for opportunities to present several papers at international conferences and to write articles that were subsequently published in internationally renowned professional journals.

I authored Translatorische Kreativität – Definition, Messung, Entwicklung (Translational Creativity – Definition, Measurement, Development), which was published by Narr in April 2012. After my years at university, I gained experience as a technical writer in the field of Intellectual Property Management. When time permits, I love writing short stories for children. Since embarking on freelance activities in June 2013, I have also been offering professional editing and proofreading services for the benefit of my clients in business, at the university and among the general public.

Language Projects

y first experience in the area of language projects dates back to my time in charge of an in-house language services team. These language projects included implementing a translation memory system, setting up a large terminology database, managing translation projects, authoring a style guide, introducing and improving workflows related to translation tasks, and planning an outsourcing project. During my time as a research assistant, my tasks included conducting translation experiments, participation in the development of XML-based transcription standards as well participation in the management, backup and publication of project data within an Asset Management System. In the course of

my doctoral studies, I gained comprehensive insights into the cognitive processes and working processes of translators. All this experience was used to the benefit of my process-oriented teaching activities as a lecturer in the field of translation and information management at the University of Graz. Following this, I had the opportunity to gain new experience with business processes in the IT industry, working as a technical writer and translator with tasks that included the localization of an Intellectual Property Management System. My clients benefit not only from my skills in using CAT tools but also from my extensive experience with corporate structures, business workflows and knowledge transfer.