More than just translating!

A hot summer is over, and a busy autumn is just around the corner. The new season is an exciting one for textsandtranslations, too: I am delighted to offer my clients a wider range of services. References are available upon request!

  1. Copywriting and translation by one and the same person: Let me write your online / marketing copy for you. After the brief I will draw up a draft. Once you have approved the original text (DE or EN), I will also deliver your texts in the desired target language (EN/DE, FR, IT). The benefit for you? No risk of misunderstandings. Everything is crystal-clear: the target group, author’s intention, intended effect. You save time because there is no need to send time-consuming questions to the author.
  2. “Care-free package” for your website: Are you planning a new website? I am here to help you with everything relating to your texts: Text consulting, copywriting according to the brief, review of existing texts, usability test for your website, on-page SEO, translation into the requested target language (EN, FR, IT).
  3. Re-writing of your text: Are you planning to publish a text/scientific paper, e.g. for marketing purposes or mechanical engineers? However, English was not the author’s native language and you now have to deal with an English source text littered with mistakes? I will analyze the publication (if needed with a specialist in the domain), re-write the text in German, and, after your approval, also translate the new original text back into English.
  4. Technical documentation: Are you preparing to launch your new software product? And you need software documentation in order to satisfy legal requirements and assist your users in operating the software? I will test your software and write the corresponding user manuals. If you are preparing to sell on the international market, the manuals will, of course, be written in English.

I look forward to your inquiry!

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