Shift in perspective – added value

In 2017 I am of course going to continue delivering high-quality work to my customers. My services are not “off the shelf”: each assignment, each project and every customer is unique –this is what I have come to expect. I ensure absolute reliability and commitment, with the greatest possible accuracy. I take on my customer’s perspective and sometimes apply unconventional solutions. In doing so I also combine my skills of translating, editing and copywriting to deliver single-source, customised language projects.

New competencies, new insights, new synergies

In my daily practice in 2016, I put a strong focus on writing skills in German, my mother tongue. In particular, I dealt with relatively new genres of texts that have developed in recent years in the online sector and continue to undergo rapid change. On a more theoretical level, I investigated comprehension processes. In doing so I found that, regardless of whether the translation is into one’s mother tongue or into another language, good translations require a shift in perspective, which is supported by working in a ‟tandem mode”: involvement of native-speaker translators of each of the project languages ensures ideal conditions both for the comprehension process and the production process leading to any translation meeting superior standards.

Thematically speaking, last year’s emphasis was on digitisation, the Internet of Things and industry 4.0. Through editing academic publications, I reap additional inspiration while touching on many interesting topics in the process. Translating, in turn, enhances my awareness for linguistic nuances and cultural differences. In this way, I continue to plot and follow my highly personalised course of advanced training, which results in benefits for you and your language projects: after all, adaptability and having a broad view help get you right to the heart of the matter.

I have been busy in my language workshop, collecting rough material to be lovingly shaped into charming texts.